The Impact Partnership is a unique way to make a positive impact for your organization and community.

ThrivePointe wants to help your people thrive, which helps your entire organization thrive. An Impact Partnership establishes a strategic relationship between ThrivePointe and your organization. It is specifically designed for organizations that are looking for ways to put their resources to use for good with a partner they trust. What we’ve come to learn is that a partnership focused on mental health and well-being communicates to your people that their needs are important to you and that you care about helping them reach their fullest potential—not just because it helps the company’s bottom line but because each person matters.

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Leader Lifeline

Handling difficult people and crisis situations can be a major source of stress for leaders. The Leader Lifeline will equip your team with essential support and provide them easy access to consulting with professional counselors as situations arise.

Counselor Onsite

People are more likely to seek counseling from sources they trust and when they have easy access to quality help. You provide the space. We’ll provide the licensed counselors to meet your unique needs.

Affordable Therapy Program

For clients who need professional help but can’t afford it, we created the Affordable Therapy Program as a funding mechanism to help your people pay for quality counseling and coaching. You set aside funds and determine how people qualify for financial assistance. Then, we do the rest!

Thrive Workshops

Our mental health professionals offer dynamic workshops developed to help people thrive in relationships, with family, and on work teams. Select from our list of popular topics or let us customize a unique workshop for you.

Thrive Groups

Create a deeper sense of connection and recovery in your church or community by offering support and/or counseling groups. We can provide licensed counselors to lead groups onsite, or we can provide training, supervision, and mentoring for your group leaders. Check out our list of common groups on the Thrive Groups page.

Employee Wellness

Organizations with stressed, burnt out employees have higher rates of turnover and lower rates of productivity. We’ll provide a screening and assessment to help your employees identify areas of concern, and we can collaborate with them to develop a plan to pursue wellness.

60% of people who need help don’t get it.
We want to change that.


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