Making quality care accessible.

Some people need professional help with their mental, emotional, and behavioral health, but cannot afford it.

Paying for therapy is one of the biggest barriers to people seeking the help they need to be more effective in their relationships, in their families, and at work.

Standard session fees for professional counseling range from $95-$150, depending on the level of licensure and expertise of the therapist. We want high quality counseling to be available throughout our community so we created the innovative Affordable Therapy Program.

We use three strategies for making therapy affordable:

Lower Rates – ThrivePointe therapists are personally committed to making counseling affordable. Each of them has a designated number of sessions they offer at reduced rates.

Impact Partners – We also work with some amazing churches and businesses who generously sponsor funds to assist people in paying for counseling.

Counseling Interns – To reduce rates even further, we recruit the best of the best advanced counseling interns who are able to offer very low cost sessions to those with the greatest need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need help paying for therapy?

Our contracted professionals are committed to making premier level services affordable. Each provider sets his or her own standard rate based on level of licensure and expertise. Our rates are comparable to other providers in our service areas, and our clinicians make a commitment to give back to the community by designating space on their caseload to offer some sessions at reduced rates for those with financial need.

Why isn’t ThrivePointe an in-network provider with my insurance company?

We have chosen not to be paneled with insurance companies because it helps us retain the autonomy we need to provide you with a premier experience. Insurance companies place several limitations on therapists about the length of sessions, covered diagnoses, and covered treatments. Insurance companies also require therapists to spend valuable time providing documentation to justify your therapy, including information about your diagnosis, treatment goals, and progress. We would rather provide a more confidential process and use that valuable time to make sure we are giving you the attention and quality service you deserve.

Why would I choose to pay out-of-pocket for therapy if I have insurance coverage?

Using insurance to pay for therapy is a good option for many people. However, some people feel limited by the choices available through their insurance so they choose to pay out-of-pocket or use a Health Savings Account. Many of our clients say they are willing to self-pay because they received a referral to ThrivePointe from a trusted source who knows the quality of our work. And, some clients self-pay because they feel better that information about their diagnosis and treatment is not being reported back to their insurance company.

What if I need REALLY low rates to be able to come to counseling?

We recruit counseling interns who are advanced master’s students in CACREP-accredited counseling programs. Our dedicated counseling interns have great skills and are supervised by licensed counselors with special training to provide supervision. Our interns offer evidence-based treatments at a very reasonable rate.

Who do I thank for this generosity?

ThrivePointe has Impact Partnerships with organizations who want to serve the community by increasing access to premier therapy. At our locations in Liberty Township and Hamilton, Center Pointe Christian Church sponsors funds for our Affordable Therapy Program. Center Pointe’s partnership makes an impact of more than 900 therapy sessions per year at reduced rates. Whitewater Crossing Christian Church chose ThrivePointe as their counseling partner for their innovative Life Center. Whitewater’s partnership makes an impact of more than 600 therapy sessions per year at reduced rates.


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Interested in becoming an Impact Partner?

Our Impact Partnerships are a unique way for organizations to offer behavioral, mental, and emotional wellness services to the people they care about. Impact Partners can get support during crises, participate in our Affordable Therapy Program, host ThrivePointe counseling and coaching onsite, and offer professional workshops and groups to those they are trying to reach.

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