Here’s help finding a therapist, coach, group, or workshop.

Do I Need Counseling?

Counseling offers a positive step forward when you’re feeling stuck.

  • Experience understanding and acceptance
  •  Get unstuck from the past
  • Understand and change the thoughts that  hold you back
  • Improve your relationships
  • Learn to manage stress and emotion
  • Gain confidence and hope
  • Give yourself credit for your growth

Would I benefit from a group?

Counseling and support groups are a great way to connect and grow with people who can relate.

  • Feel supported
  • Find connection
  • Get helpful tools
  • Learn More About Groups
  • Learn from experts
  • Know you’re not alone

Does my organization need wellness consulting?

Help your people to be at their best, at work, and at home.

  • Strengthen your team
  • Improve your work culture
  • Develop your people from the inside out
  • Improve performance by addressing psychological and relational barriers

Should I invest in learning something new?

Keep learning and growing in the most important aspects of life.

  • Learn from experts
  • Be inspired to make healthy changes
  • Get helpful tools
  • Discover ways to improve your life and relationships

Is my church or organization ready to make an impact?

Make a difference by making high quality services accessible to your people.

  • Connect your leaders to expert support
  • Reduce barriers to excellent mental health training and care
  • Foster a culture of well-being and psychological safety
  • Provide opportunities for learning

Ready to talk?

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