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If you are a teen, or the parent of a teen, you know the stress that today’s teens are facing—too often overbooked, striving for perfection, and in a social media spotlight. Whether you or your teen is struggling mentally and emotionally or would like to breakthrough to their fullest potential, our teen therapists and coaches are tuned in to the unique struggles and strengths of teens aged 13-18. From treating depression in teenagers to helping teens thrive, our sessions are designed to provide the best in teen counseling.

I was so thankful to have support for my daughter when she told me she was feeling depressed. And I really liked that her counselor involved me in the therapy process.

What’s a teen counseling session like?

In our teen counseling sessions, we work collaboratively with both parents and teens to create autonomy and privacy, along with the input and support from parents. Together, we’ll focus on building skills that get you where you want to go. (And as an added bonus, they’re skills that help you thrive well beyond your sessions at ThrivePointe.)

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