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We are all impacted by the role we play in our family—whether that’s through the connection we have or the loss of connection we grieve. No matter the role—parent, child, spouse or sibling, we all desire the support and connection in our families that makes it possible to thrive. When families get stuck, it can be tough to make sense of what is happening. Even harder, it can be challenging to see what can be done to fix it.

 I was worried we would feel judged for the difficulties our family was having, but our therapist was warm and understanding. And she helped us make major changes that brought us all closer together!

At ThrivePointe, we see every person as a part of the interconnected family system. Through family counseling, we work with you to identify the needs and patterns that contribute to chaos or disconnection. Then, we help you find the opportunities to create the change you’re looking for.

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