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Counseling Jobs in Ohio and Indiania

At ThrivePointe, you're never alone.

We believe that Remarkable Connection and Clear Direction starts with our team experience.

When you feel effective, you are more likely to be very satisfied with your career, express greater levels of well-being, and less likely to feel burnout. We believe the core feature of providing an excellent experience for you and your clients means supporting you to become excellent at your craft… and of course having some fun along the way!

If you want to grow and sharpen your skills as a therapist in a supportive and fun environment, we’d love to connect!

Licensed Clinicians

ThrivePointe employs provisionally and independently licensed therapists. We provide supervision for therapists with provisional licenses, and ongoing consultation and continuing education for every therapist in the practice.

Practicum and Internship

ThrivePointe’s clinical training program is an opportunity for advanced master’s level counseling students to grow their counseling skills under supervision. We offer a variety of clinical experiences and supervisor expertise in multiple locations.

Employment Opportunities in Ohio and Indiana

Check out the links below for current openings in Ohio and Indiana.
Don't see something listed in your area? Reach out!
We would love to hear from you and explore if working together is a good fit.


Send an email with your resume and cover letter, answering the questions below.

  • What client population do you hope to work with and what are your areas of clinical interest?
  • How do you incorporate evidence-based practices in treatment? (licensed therapists only)
  • What research, theory or modality currently inspires and informs your practice? (licensed therapists only)
  • What are some of the ways you monitor progress and adapt treatment for effectiveness?
  • What are your interpersonal strengths?
  • Are you able to offer Christian-Focused Counseling?
  • What direction are you looking to grow clinically?
  • What location are you interested in?
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