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 Your child deserves to work with someone who really gets what it’s like for a kid to struggle. Our child therapists specialize in working with children ages 2-12, and are skilled in treatments such as play therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (adapted just for kids, such as Coping Cat). Child counseling can help you to identify what’s at the root of the issues your child is experiencing, and teach them new skills for managing the problems they face.


While our therapists often work with kids one-on-one, we see the family as a critical part of the process. Parents and other family members are invited to participate in counseling and may benefit as well. Your child’s therapist may suggest new parenting strategies proven to be effective, and designed to support your child’s needs.

Child Counseling helped me see the ways I could best support my son when he was anxious. And our therapist gently coached him through conquering his fears. He was like a different kid when we finished therapy! 

Does my child need therapy?

Deciding to take your child to counseling can be hard for any parent. Knowing when to take your child can be even harder. Often, your child’s behavior is an indication that therapy would be helpful.
  • emotional disregulation
  • acting out
  • bullying
  • withdrawing or shutting down emotionally
  • falling behind in school
  • refusing to go to school
  • experiencing anxiety, or
  • avoidance
These are all ways kids show us they are having a tough time coping on their own. At ThrivePointe, we’re relationship and results driven, so we can help you navigate the best fit for your child.

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