Deciding to take your child to counseling can be hard for any parent. Knowing when to take your child can be even harder. You’re not alone. We can help you and your little one feel better.

Now scheduling appointments in-person and online. Our child counselors offer therapy for kids in the Blue Ash, Kenwood, and Hyde Park areas.

Our child counselors can help children and their families thrive.

Your child can get the support they need to thrive!

Our child therapists specialize in working with children ages 2-12, and are skilled in treatments such as play therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (adapted just for kids), and parenting interventions. Child counseling can help you understand the needs are the heart of the issues your child is experiencing, and teach them new skills for managing the problems they face.

Our goal is to help you better understand and connect with your child, as we work together to solve behavior and emotional problems. Counseling is a wonderful way to solve these problems in a way that brings you closer with your child!

Play therapy can benefit the family system

While the therapist often works with a child one-on-one, we see the family as a critical part of the process. Parents and other family members are invited to participate in counseling sessions. Your child’s therapist may suggest new parenting strategies proven to be effective, and designed to support your child’s needs.

How could my child benefit from therapy for kids?

Because children don’t always have the ability to communicate with words, your child’s behavior is one of the ways they communicate their needs. Here are some common concerns that indicate therapy would be helpful for your child.

Common reasons for your child to start play therapy:

  • emotional disregulation
  • acting out
  • bullying
  • withdrawing or shutting down emotionally
  • falling behind in school
  • refusing to go to school
  • experiencing anxiety, or
  • avoidance
These are some of the ways kids show us they are having a tough time coping on their own. At ThrivePointe, we care about you and your child feeling connected and supported, while also getting the guidance you need to make changes.

What is play therapy?

Play Therapy uses a child’s natural tendency to “play out” their reactions to life situations. By observing and getting feedback from the therapist, parents can gain new insights into these moments to help support their child’s growth at home as well. 

Toys in a play therapy room include puppets, art supplies, games, and sand trays. All toys are carefully selected to facilitate creative and emotional expression from children. In play therapy, children learn how to recognize their feelings, improve their self-concept, reduce anxiety, and initiate behavioral changes. By making appropriate choices in the play room children find  new solutions to problems and develop self-control.

We love to hear kids laughing in session and when they’re excited to come back. But don’t be fooled – play therapy is often hard work for children! They move  in and out of their own emotional process and can face very difficult issues and feelings, with the support of their therapist.

Meet our child therapists in Blue Ash:

We serve the Blue Ash, Kenwood, and Hyde Park areas.

Joy Gaddess Photo | ThrivePointe professional therapist specializes in Christian Counseling in Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana 46038 and 46075
Joy Gaddes
Child and Teen Counselor
Lindsey Garrigus
Lindsey Garrigus
Rachael Janszen Play Therapist
Rachael Janszen
Play Therapist
Lora Barnes, Therapist
Lora Barnes
Chase Mauger LPC, LMHC
Chase Mauger
Kent Patterson Counselor
Kent Patterson
Lisa Harris Counselor
Lisa Harris
Amber Schenck LCSW
Amber Schenck
Katie Dixon Counselor
Katie Dixon
Child Counselor
Jennee Hartkopf Counselor
Jennee Hartkopf


We want to make finding a child therapist in Ohio and Indiana easy. To get your child into counseling or play therapy, the process to get started is simple! Just follow these three steps:

Review the list of therapists above

Call 833-914-4688 to make an appointment

Help your child process and heal through play therapy

Ready to talk to a caring counselor?

Our Care Coordinator is ready to help you get started on your journey.

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