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Help your teen reach their fullest potential through teenage counseling in Indianapolis, IN. Our teenage counselors offer therapy for teens in Fishers, Carmel and the entire Indianapolis area.

Our teenage counselors help teens thrive.

 Adolescence is an important time of emotional intensity, social engagement, and creativity. Today’s teens are facing enormous stress during a phase of life filled with growth, change, and uncertainty. Whether your teen is struggling mentally and emotionally or would like to break through to their fullest potential, our teen therapists are tuned in to the unique struggles and strengths of teens ages 13-18. Our therapists honor and harness the brain changes occurring during adolescence as a catalyst to develop new ways of living that can lead to happier and healthier lives beyond adolescence and into adulthood.

I was so thankful to have support for my daughter when she told me she was feeling depressed. And I really liked that her counselor involved me in the therapy process.

What to expect in a teen counseling session

We work collaboratively with both parents and teens to create autonomy and privacy for your teen, while utilizing input and support from parents. We discuss the needs and preferences of both teen and parents as we’re getting started and design session times and check-ins based on that feedback. It’s vital to keep the lines of connection and communication open because we all thrive the most in connected community. Together, we’ll work to harness strengths and build resilience that help your achieve your goals. 

Meet Our therapists for teens in Indianapolis

We serve Fishers, Carmel and the entire Indianapolis area.

Online therapy in
Ohio and Indiana

We offer telehealth sessions for teens, adults, couples, and families through secure video sessions.

Want to Learn More About Teen Therapy in Ohio or Indiana?

We want to make finding a therapist in Ohio and Indiana easy. The process to get started is simple! Just follow these three steps:

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