Make your mental health a priority during Coronavirus

Like most of us, you’ve probably seen hotly debated statistics about the Coronavirus. Despite the risk of losing you after the first sentence, I’m going to give you one more statistic.  When it comes to our lives and our mental health, one hundred percent (100%) of us have been affected by the Coronavirus and the measures taken to address the outbreak.

This might not have been the statistic you were expecting, but it is true. It is hard for us to fully grasp how today’s changes, uncertainties, and new safety measures will impact our mental health. So let me give you 3 reasons why you should consider prioritizing your mental health in the months to come.

Reason #1: Stress impacts us all

With or without the Coronavirus, we experience stress. Any type of change or situation that causes hardship, fear, or uncertainty, is likely to increase stress. Our bodies are innately programed to deal with stress through specific responses. These responses are fight, flight, or freeze. An important part of moving through stressful situations involves completing these stress responses. But, when we move from one stress to another, or the stressor is constant, our bodies and minds have difficulty completing these stress response cycles. This leads to my second reason.

Reason #2: The impacts of stress build over time

We’ve all had to deal with a hard situation for a period of time. What happens when that hard situation persists? Over time, the impacts of chronic stress begin to show up. Each one of us will react differently. You may notice increased anger and irritability, shutting down and avoiding situations, apathy and lack of motivation, or feeling hopeless. If we don’t address these reactions, they negatively impact our lives and often get even worse.

Reason #3: There’s no time like the present

We’re good at putting things off and making excuses. But with each new day, we get to decide what our priorities will be, recognize our needs, and find ways to meet our needs. “It’s a beautiful day to save lives”, the phrase coined by the Grey’s Anatomy character Derek Shepard, rings true for each of us today. My small tweak for our current situation is, “It’s a beautiful day to take care of your life”. One small decision about prioritizing your mental health may just be the decision that leads to a lifetime of health and wellness.

Mental health professionals across the country, including ThrivePointe therapists, are making services available via Telehealth counseling. What decision can you make today, that will improve your mental health for tomorrow? If that decision is contacting a ThrivePointe therapist about Telehealth counseling, let me be the first to welcome you on your journey toward health and wellness. Contact ThrivePointe at 813-914-4688 or at

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