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Avoidance Patterns and Teens

Teens & Stress The daily challenges that teens meet today are very different than those teens faced even just 15 years ago. One coping pattern teens are using to deal with school and social stressors is avoidance. There’s a number of reasons why the frequency of avoidance seems to be increasing in the teen population […]

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Social Media: The hidden impacts on teens

When talking with parents, I often get questions about social media. How much is too much? What boundaries should I set? Am I just being overly concerned? With so much technology and so many opinions, these questions can be difficult to answer. Earlier this year, BBC Future posted an article that highlights several studies that explore the impacts of social media on mental health. The consensus of

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Depression in Teens: Helpful Tips

Within the last decade, survey results have shown that our country is experiencing a rise of depression in teens. Our fast-paced lives, our increasing expectations of our teens, and evolving societal pressures may all play a role in contributing to this. The good news is that with increasing awareness about mental health concerns, our society has access to more knowledge than ever before about how to help teens who are dealing with depression. Staying informed about depression and suicide is one

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